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the best sign of a healthy relationship is no sign of it on facebook - #WhereIsJayTW

… just saying

if you think about it without the whereisjay account you'd have no new photo's of him all. if (most likely yes) whereisjay is his girlfriend they've probably been together for ages!! and now are free to be open about it or as open as they can be.about the hate thing apparently jay blocked 'fans' from his account for sending hate to her a while ago.i also think these intimate pictures will help some people see him as an actual person,not someone who they've made up in their heads. — Anonymous
also i think they'll stop posting on that account soon, like you said they probably want to enjoy each others company, i think this whole account was so fans would feel better about the band breaking up/taking a break. — Anonymous

I think you’re right about it initially being an attempt to make people feel better about the break up, but I seriously just don’t get why they post THAT many pictures. Especially if they’re old. 

I don’t know. I hope it’s his girlfriend, because then everybody’s already got a glimpse of what their relationship is like (because come on, some of the hashtags are pretty funny). Personally, I wouldn’t post that many pictures of my relationship if it was me though. 

2 things about that WhereisJayTW account:

1) Who the fuck takes that many photos when hanging out? Enjoy each other’s company instead, idiots.

2) IF the person running account is  his girlfriend, they’re pretty much asking for hate. I’m not saying sending hate is okay, but Jay is usually really good at being sensitive, so he should know not to flaunt whatever’s going on in people’s faces. 

I just unfollowed Jay on instagram. I feel like I finally unfollowed or deleted an old ex’s phone number. 

Kaya and her leading Skins guys then and now (^__^)

"Good night, Agnes. Never get older."


@WhereIsjayTw:Good question.